3 keys for companies to become social media pros!

With over 70% of all internet users now active on social media business’ are having to evolve and become a part of this new trend. Social media has allowed consumers to communicate with each other and allows a company to connect with these consumers. As a result a strong social media presence is becoming the key to any business’ success.

This new channel of communication has amplified word of mouth not only for positive feedback but for negative feedback and complaints as well. Handling these public situations well can not only resolve the complaint but work as a great promotional tool as well.

Negative feedback aside, it is also important for business’ to interact with people sharing positive feedback as well. These simple interactions can be the difference between a successful or unsuccessful social media presence.

Below are the three keys to help make any company a social media pro.


Focussing on simply interacting regularly with the consumers is a great tool for business’. Sharing photos, replying to comments and answering questions are all important. Doing this makes the consumers feel like they are part of an exclusive community.

These examples from Virgin America and Jet Blue show how simply interacting through social media can create an even more positive brand image. Some other great examples can be found here.

twitter screenshot
twitter screenshot

Quick and Responsive

This approach is most effective for customer service related interaction on social media. Replying quickly to pleas for help over Twitter or Facebook can show how reliable a company can be to consumers who are in need of assistance and can help to make a bad situation seem a bit more bearable.

Nike and Xbox are both known for their quick and effective customer service social media teams, by usually responding within the hour consumers are left with a more positive experience.

twitter screenshot
twitter screenshot


In my opinion, humour is the most successful approach to social media. A company that can show people that it has a sense of humour will get the most positive reaction from consumers and potentially even get shared virally through social media. This can be through posting jokes, replying to posts in a humorous way or even finding the funny side of a complaint.

These two twitter replies are perfect examples of companies nailing humour. Having a light hearted approach to people on social media creates a much more appealing brand image. Smart cars bird crap tweet has become quite well known and has worked as a great promotional tool. Another great example of a company taking a funny approach to social media is Old Spice, check out their twitter account here.

twitter screenshot
twitter screenshot
So there you have it!

These are all great examples of how to make social media a great promotional tool rather than a tool used to attack a company’s reputation. Using any of the techniques will create positive word of mouth that will spread rapidly over these social media platforms, but combining all three of these examples together and a company will be a social media master that will have an undoubted advantage of their competition.

Think I’ve missed a great example of a business nailing social media? Any funny examples or positive interaction you’ve had with a company? Share in the comments below!


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